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Ronaldo Matos faz capa do Açoriano Oriental

Ronaldo Matos faz capa da edição de 8/12/2018 do mais antigo Jornal Português e o 2º mais antigo da Europa - Açoriano Oriental

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Bill Stewart - the true father of the modern longboard

Photo : Bill Stewart via Stewart Surboards

Bill Stewart, better known as “Kentucky’s Greatest Surfer”, was born in Bowling Green KY in 1951
In 1978, Bill started his own label “Stewart Surfboards” and opened the first shop in Laguna Beach. By himself, Bill hand painted, hand shaped, took orders, and sold airbrushed T-shirts & hats in his tiny Laguna Beach shop. Marrying his lovely bride Christy, and becoming the father of a son and daughter were events that sparked a new found determination and work ethic in his business and the craft of board building. As his notoriety in the surfing world grew, he put together a surf team that at the time included names like Mike Parsons, Pat Allen, Shane & Gavin Beschen.
It was in the mid 80’s when Bill’s inventive mind, came up with the idea that would be the one of the greatest achievements of his distinct surfboard designs. He was after a longboard that would go faster and turn harder than what current longboard designs were capable of. The result of that search was the beveled rail Hydro Hull that had a distinctive single to double concave bottom and a 2+1 fin setup. To this day, the Hydro hull is still a proven design standard for the modern longboard.
With the success of the Hydro Hull, Stewart Surfboards grew exponentially and Bill opened a larger shop in his favorite surf town of San Clemente. The shop has been at that same location for 28 + years. It’s just a short drive up the coast from San Onofre and Trestles.
“We are the Kings of Customs” Bill likes to say, and “Everyday we prove that by building the Best”. Bill has himself shaped over 40,000 boards in his career, and Stewart Surfboards has produced over 100,000 boards since the start of the company.
Bill Stewart – An Artist, Shaper, Inventor and Surfer with no stopping in sight.

Short Stories

A surf film about resurrecting the old school mentality that the surfers before us embodied.
A little bit of this a little bit of that. A Surf FLick by Wiley Archbold. Thank you to San Onofre Surf Co. For making all this possible
Featuring Barret miller, Andy Nieblas, Noah Cardoza, Nick Melanson, Justin Adams, Brock Thompson, Hallie Rohr, C.j. Nelson, Kyle Perez, Tommy Witt, Makala Smith, Mike Lay, River Covey, Brendan Sepe, Karina Rozunko, Joe Davies, Max Caldwell, Daniel Graham, Shane Macpherson, Carlos Rochas, Carson Frank, Ben Cardoza.

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Coffs Coast Longboarding - Brett/Tia/Lauren (25.11.2018)

Brett, Tia and Lauren, Longboard, slackline and Yoga their way through a weekend on the Coffs Coast. Music by Ralph G "anthem for the hard rock" Jamendo.com copyright free. Camera Panasonic Lumix fz2500 full hd 50fps

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First Love

When the first swells of winter hit the French coast, we met Adrien Toyon around Biarritz to see how the banks were working. With the tide and waves getting better, he took us to a lonely left he had been surfing lately.
He opened his car trunk and waxed an old 5’10” Lighting Bolt twin shaped by Graham Smith.
“That was my first ever surfboard. When I was 9 years old, my parents gave me for Christmas, almost 20 years ago. I found it again in my parents house in Reunion Islands and I brought it here. Then it spent some long time in my garage looking at me hahaha…That single concave and sharp lines were perfect on this day. Never thought I was going to surf this board again, and even more in this kind of waves.”

Waves were firing and, as Adrien’s surfing can demonstrate, board choice was on point.
Filmed and edited by Martxel Txintxurreta
Music: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.
Supported by deflowsurf.com

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Kai Sallas | Test Riding for New Longboard Brand in 2019!

Professional longboarder Kai Sallas test riding his new 9’0 x 22 x 2 5/8 longboard shaped by Tommy Maus, who is Donald Takayama’s ghost shaper for the last 20+ years. Kai’s designing and testing out new boards for his new longboard brand starting in 2019. Stay tuned!
Music: Unleash My Halo - Sum Wave

Dane Gudauskas Test Rides Channel Islands All-New CI Fish

Watch Dane Gudauskas test ride Channel Islands Surfboards’ Next Gen “fish” shape, simply called the CI Fish. This new model is thinned-out and tuned-up for added performance, making it a versatile craft that can energize your average grovel sesh one day then have you screaming down-the-line on clean, head high points the next.

Emerick Ishikawa

Tubular rides and stylish glides with Emerick Ishikawa and his own hand shaped 6'8" Double Ender.

Song: Breakfast in Bed
Music by : soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale
Instagram : www.instagram.com/jeffkaale/

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Oceantree - The Journey of Essence

"A film by a passionate young Japanese surfer. So nice to have spent some time with him and share my boards and ideas with him on his journey."

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ON IT: Nic Von Rupp & Lisbon Portugal

The Güero

"The Baja California Peninsula is not the typical surf destination for someone like me who comes from the old continent. Open spaces, endless roads, contrasting colours and atmospheres. A slice of heaven where it's still possible to enjoy the adventure of a real surf trip." - Alessandro Ponzanelli
Film & Edit: Jacopo Cosmelli. Rider: Alessandro Ponzanelli. Music: Giovanni Briganti. Still photos: Filippo Maffei

Surf Fight Classic - Studio 540, by Joel Tudor & Doubles LTD

Filmed by Doubles LTD, Ryan Cannon, Ryan Donahue and Ryan Rosas. With thanks to Vykki and Studio 540.
In order of appearance: River Covey, William Hennessey, Barrett Miller, Noah Slawson, Jen Smith, Hallie Rohr
Avalon Gall, Tara Franz, Sky Blumenfeld, Patrick O’Connor, Tosh Tudor, Wayne Lynch, Joel Tudor , Nick Melanson, Tommy Witt, Zack Flores, Ryan Burch , Noah Shimabukuro

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From a Whisky barrel to a surfboard - GRAIN GLENMORANGIE ORIGINAL SURFBOARD

"It's one thing to have a drink after a long day on the waves. It's another to ride those waves atop the barrel that made your drink. A year in development, the Grain Glenmorangie Original Surfboard is made from repurposed scotch whisky barrels. Each limited edition board is built from twelve staves, with book matched center planks, tailblock and custom made fins, giving the used American white oak boards a proper second life."

More info: Grain Surfboards

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Shark Eyes

"Western Australia is home to some of the biggest most hard hitting waves in the world. Surfers flock to this region in search of the perfect slab, but the dangers of this ocean are very real. After years of surfing big waves around the globe, Shanon Worrall is ready to give back."

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O açoriano Nicolau Filipe, ocupa a 2ª posição no campeonato nacional de Longboard Sub 18

Por Rui Álvares Cabral

Nicolau Filipe, um jovem micaelense de apenas 16 anos, já é um talento confirmado no panorama do Longboard nacional. Neste momento e após a última etapa, que se realizou em Aveiro, em que conquistou o 1º lugar, ocupa a 2ª posição no ranking do campeonato nacional na categoria sub 18 e, está em 4º na categoria open. Um feito digno de registo, para um jovem talento que necessita de mais apoios/patrocínios para correr o circuito nacional.

Foto - Nicolau num DropKnee cutback

- Há quanto tempo praticas longboard?
Pratico longboard há cerca de 4/5 anos

- Porque é que escolheste o Longboard?
O meu pai e o meu irmão já faziam surf e fui seguindo os passos deles, mas como não me divertia, uma vez que apanhava poucas ondas, experimentei o Longboard e passei a divertir-me muito mais.

- Tens algum longboarder favorito, que te inspire a surfar?
São vários os Longboarders preferidos, por isso, gosto de apreciar o que os outros fazem para ver o que está errado ou o que posso melhorar na minha performance.

Foto - Nicolau a executar uma manobra de nose, neste caso um Hang Five. Foto de Miguel Rezendes

- Quais são os teus objectivos na modalidade?
Se calhar, um dia, chegar ao mundial de Longboard.

- Estás em que lugar no campeonato nacional de sub 18?
Neste momento estou em 2.º nos sub 18, e no open estou em 4.º

Foto - Nicolau numa forte "rasgada" de frontside

- Quais as tuas manobras favoritas?
Hangten e drop knee cutback.

- Qual a onda, a nível mundial que gostarias de surfar de longboard?
Existem tantas ondas boas para surfar. Talvez Califórnia.

Foto - Nicolau a executar um Hang Ten

-Tens apoios/patrocínios que te permitam fazer o circuito nacional? Quais?
Tenho um grande patrocínio, o meu pai, sem ele nada era possível.

Down at the Bu

"Big city, bright lights: everybody we know can be found here. Jack Coleman and a full cast of characters descended upon the 'bu for a lengthy board meeting on this most recent south swell. Palms were greased, deals were made, and the majority shareholders were pleased with their return on investment. Enjoy this edit of the multi-shredder conglomerate of Southern California."

Surfers: Nathan Strom, Jared Mell, Nick Melanson, Joel Tudor, Tosh Tudor, Karina Rozunko, Leah Dawson. 
Film & Edit: Jack Coleman. Presented by: Mollusk Surf Shop. Music: "Malibu Full Moon" by Neil Larsen  

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Relik Rips The Surf Ranch

Relik sends some of the world's best longboarders to the KS Surf Ranch. Featured surfers: Jared Mell, Taylor Jensen and Soleil Errico. See you at Trestles, holding period September 9th-19th.
Special thanks to the KS Wave Co. and their team at the ranch!
Music: The Great Beyond II by Dante Esperanza
Erick Proost - Water
Alex Lark - Drone & Additional
Bennet Piscitelli
Alex Lark
Directed by Alex Lark

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Surfing Italy! Ale Ponzanelli Longboards in Bella Vita Film

"Italian stylist Alessandro Ponzanelli surfs a remote point break in the Mediterranean Sea. Shot on 35mm & 16mm Film by Jason Baffa and water cinematographer, Scott Kassenoff. To see the whole movie, featuring Leonardo Fioravanti, Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Dave Rastovich and Chris Del Moro visit #iTunes, #Amazon or bellavitafilm.com"

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Tested Beachside with Jared Mell

Join Crap surf fam Jared Mell in Malibu for a classic summer day of beach and beers and south swell.
↝ http://crapeyewear.com/beachside
Jared wears The Bikini Vision
↝ http://crapeyewear.com/thebikinivision

Longboard Brasil - Ubatuba/SP

Surf logger: Caio Texeira Do Brasil, Vovó Lopez, Pedro Scansetti, Nacho Pignataro, Marina Hinuy, Joao Hinuy, João Portugal.
Edição e captura de vídeo: @PauloRodriguesim

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Loosies - Logging with pleasure

Log Rap & Bodega Boarder Crew presents Loosies. This is a collection of "loose" Log Rap clips edited to a dope soundtrack provided by BBC and a little bit of New York flavor to keep things interesting. Look out for more info about a full length coming out in the near future.

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Grom surfer Jack Ho demos a board shaped by Gen Asano of Vesso Surf http://vessosurf.com and North Shore pro longboarder Kirra Seale makes the drive into town to surf Queens.

Music: Cali Conscious - Deep End (Instrumental) http://caliconscious.com

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CATNIP...featuring Tyler Critelli

"A short surf video by Devin Moren (myself) featuring Tyler Critelli
big thank you to SIN-MIN for keeping us shaded from the sun and top Adam at Davenport Surfboards for the always wonderful surf craft.
devinmorenstudio.com / insta @devinmoren
insta @tcrit
https://sin-min.com / insta @sin_min
https://davenportsurfboards.com / insta @davenport_surfboards"

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"Iñigo Idigoras aka Palots is a basque surfer/shaper. Arnaud Mestelan is a French classic surfer.
Both came aboard the King Millenium 1 with a bunch of surfboards only including twin fins and singles. They rode them in perfect waves and gave us their opinion about riding different boards in powerful waves."

Filmed and edited by Kylian Castells de la Vega

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Ronaldo Matos, o "Ronaldo" açoriano do Longboard

Por Rui Álvares Cabral

Quem, como eu, já teve a possibilidade de estar dentro de água, e viu o Ronaldo a surfar, de certeza que não se vai esquecer tão cedo, pois é uma experiência de contemplação da arte de bem surfar num longboard. Pode-se caracterizar o surf do Ronaldo, como uma mistura de manobras clássicas, que nos remetem para famosos longboarders californianos dos anos 60, com manobras progressivas, próprias da irreverência de um jovem de 20 anos. O Ronaldo com apenas 2 anos de prática da modalidade, faz transparecer ser fácil, manobras de uma grande dificuldade de execução.

Foto - Ronaldo num clássico DropKnee cutback

Fiquem com a entrevista a Ronaldo Matos, um jovem humilde e talentoso de 20 anos, natural dos Mosteiros, ilha de São Miguel, que procura apoios que lhe permitam voar mais alto e participar no campeonato nacional, e quem sabe, num futuro próximo, num circuito europeu e mundial.

- Há quanto tempo praticas longboard?

Pratico longboard há 2 anos e tal

- Porque é que escolheste o Longboard?

Escolhi o longboard porque desde que experimentei gostei, e nunca mais parei, e sempre gostei de surfar com pranchas maiores

Foto - Ronaldo a executar um Hang Ten

- Tens algum longboarder favorito que te inspire a surfar?

O meu longboarder preferido é o Joe Aaron, é nele que me inspiro .

- Quais são os teus objectivos na modalidade?

Os meus objetivos são chegar a ser campeão nacional e um dia estar a competir no mundial de longboard.

- Já participaste de alguma prova do campeonato nacional da modalidade?

Nunca competi fora daqui (ilha de São Miguel), e também nunca viajei .Gostava muito mesmo de competir no nacional mas não tenho possibilidades de ir.

Foto - Ronaldo num pino no nose da prancha

- Quais as tuas manobras favoritas?

Gosto de fazer o pino no nose, e fazer hang 10 e hang 5

-Quais as ondas a nível mundial que gostarias de surfar de longboard?

Gostaria "bué" de ir à China surfar a onda onde fazem o mundial, adorava ir ao Havaí , Indonésia, Califórnia e a outros sítios.

Foto- Ronaldo numa potente rasgada de frontside

- Tens apoios suficientes para a prática da modalidade?

Não tenho apoios suficientes, por isso nunca consigo ir competir para fora, já estou a tentar há dois anos e nada.

Foto - Ronaldo a surfar em "casa" a potente onda do porto dos Mosteiros

Foto - Ronaldo à espera das ondas e também de mais apoios que lhe permitam alcançar outros patamares na modalidade

Olas X: A Big Wave Surf Film (Video)

Olas X
A big wave surf film capturing the tangible and intangible realm of human nature and technology increasingly becoming a unified field of motion. Tracking, analyzing, and cognifying the swelling dimensions of the physical domain. This never-ending change is the pivotal axis of the modern world.

FEATURING: Pat Millin & The Los Cocos Locos
DIRECTED / SHOT / EDIT: Scott Nichols
PRODUCED: Sickboat Creative Studios

Rival Consoles: "Progression 2" 
Vessels: "PantherTek"

Longboardin’…it’s pretty fun

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Surfactory fecha parceria com bicampeão mundial de longboard Piccolo Clemente

Foto - Piccolo Clemente Bi campeão mundial de Longboard

 "A Surfactory volta a ser noticia no mundo do longboard ao fechar contrato com Piccolo Clemente para a produção integral e distribuição exclusiva para toda a Europa das pranchas da marca Piccolo Clemente. O Bicampeão mundial de longboard decide apostar no mercado europeu depois de testar algumas das pranchas feitas na Surfactory, o que não lhe deixou duvidas em vincular esta parceria."
Depois de Piccolo acompanhar o shape de algumas pranchas de Vitor Fernandes, shaper e sócio-gerente da Surfactory, disse sentir-se muito confiante no trabalho feito pela Surfactory e está certo que escolheu a melhor empresa para o representar na Europa: "O Vitor, para além de shapear todas as pranchas Piccolo Clemente que serão comercializadas na Europa também vai shapear as minhas próprias pranchas para competir. Até ao momento as minhas pranchas eram comercializadas essencialmente no Peru e no Japão, sendo este ultimo um mercado muito forte, mas chegou a altura de abrir horizontes e conquistar a Europa."
Por sua vez, Vitor Fernandes ("Spott"), congratula-se pela oportunidade: "É uma honra poder trabalhar com uma referencia no longboard mundial como o Piccolo. Fico muito contente que ele tenha gostado do nosso trabalho e tenha confiado a sua marca à Surfactory. Dentro de dias teremos disponível na nossa loja online os actuais 5 modelos de longboard Piccolo Clemente, podendo ser fabricados em todas as nossas tecnologias (PU CORE, BLACK TECH EPS, CARBON FLEX e HARDCORK). Vamos também focar-nos em colocar as pranchas Piccolo Clemente no maior numero de lojas possível em toda a Europa."