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How does skimboarder Blair Conklin "surf" a wave so well, starring "A Wedge Affair"

Blair Conklin is a gentleman you’ll surely be getting to know better in the coming years. Hailing from Laguna Beach, California, Blair’s regarded as the best skimboarder in the world, but that’s not what piqued our interest in the Berkeley grad.
Back in 2018, in the lead up to Stab High, Blair posted a clip on Instagram. In it, he was soaring in Waco on a sub-five-foot foamie; it was impressive. For our inaugural Texan surf party/competition (Stab High), the Laguna Beach and Skim community rallied behind Blair’s golden locks, giving him the public-voted wildcard into the event. And when the rest of the surfers at Stab High showed up with bags bearing anywhere from three to five surfboard, Blair rocked up to the BSR Surf Resort with a tiny case carrying a miniature slice of foam. He then proceeded to blow up and further stamp a space for himself in the world of surf.

Noosa Heads, Australia Surfing | Bowie Pollard

Location -
Tea Tree Bay, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Australia

- Surfer -
Bowie Pollard (@bowiepollards)

- Music -
- Film/Edit -
Jake Bendle (@exhaleandbreathe)

"Free Form" by Alex Lustig

- Year -

- Run Time -

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Clip of the year 2019

OVERALL (out of 9000+ videos)

YOUTH / TEENS (out of 800+ videos)
#1 📼Oscar Langburne | Dancing Barefoot
#4 📼Mentawaii-HT'S stop
#2 📼2 Shores
#3 📼Brodi Sale Lakey Peak 2019
WOMEN/GIRLS (out of 400+ videos)
#5 📼Neil Messmer | Classic Daydream

#2 📼The Dew of Little Things
#1 📼Colapintail x CJ Nelson Designs 2019
#5 📼Haley Otto | Queens, Waikiki

LONGBOARD(out of 1700+ videos)
#5 📼 Mucho Gusto / Augusto Olinto / La Saladita
#2 📼Joel Tudor in North County
#3 📼Land of the Rising Sun
#4 📼Authentic Wave : 16mm short film (2000~2012)

SHORTBOARD (out of 6900+ videos)
#3 📼heaven above hossegor
#3 📼Alex Knost {South Swell / California}
#4 📼Mack South (mho)
ALTERNATIVE(out of 1400+ videos)
#2 📼Torren Martyn - TESORO ENTERRADO - Full Film
#4 📼"Camel Finds Water"
#5 📼AP.

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Surf : The youth Knowsride

Cross Steppin’, Noserides, 360° Helico….. Malo’s having a blast at his home spot.
Surfer : Malo on his GONG Surf 9'0 Moodrive EPS & 9'6 Pampa EPS.

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Respect The Locals is a series that takes you to some of the world’s best waves and introduces you to the real locals — the ones who were there long before we ever picked up surfboards. Because if we truly want to enjoy these places, we are responsible for protecting the beings that inhabit them.
The Bay of Biscay is a gulf in the Atlantic Ocean that hugs the northern coast of Spain and the Western Coast of France. It’s home to many different creatures, cultures and world-class waves like Mundaka and Hossegor. One thing that makes the bay unique is the Gouf de Capbreton, a deepwater canyon off the coast of Southwest France. The Gouf brings a variety of marine life close to shore and helps funnel swell into Hossegor, where the Quiksilver Pro France is held every year.
With more episodes coming soon, the first edition of Respect The Locals tells the story of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Once common in the Bay of Biscay, it has become an endangered species and the estimated population of 300 now mostly inhabits the Western side of the Atlantic. There are many human-based issues — both historical and present — that threaten North American Right Whales. The good news is there are many things we can do to help.

Coffs Coast Longboarding with Tia - Tamzen - Dan

Tia Deighton, Tamzen Bienefelt and Dan McEvoy riding their single fins. (9'5" O'Donnell, 9'0" O'Donnell and 9'4"Mctavish Pinnacle)
Music Richard Clapton "Capricorn Dancer"
Camera Nikon P900 and lumix fz2500 both 60fps full hd

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Left Lovers

Another vision of the North Shore. Same waves. Different boards, different style.
A morning well spent with Tosh Tudor and Troy Elmore.

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Longboarding with Tamzen/Sam/Dan and Jay

Decent waves have been hard to find lately so we took off early for Crescent Head, Tamzen and Dan only managed a few before an early onshore kicked in and spoit it, so we rushed back to the Coffs Coast where the wind was still side shore and linked up with Sam, Jay and Eamon for some fun logging waves. The song by Petula Clark was released in 1965, a time where true logging was experiencing rapid development moving from "D" fins to the "Greenough". Its fun searching for the perfect wave but so often you end up back at your local!
Music by Petula Clark "I know a place"
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd at 60 fps

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Torren Martyn drifting through Indonesia visiting the places that have inspired him over the years Music Mick Turner - Marlan I Kikagaku Moyo - Dripping Sun Jake Harris - Martyn's Place Colbey - Eyes On The Ceiling Heitor Vallim - Lost Beach Footage Ishka Folkwell Alessio Saraifoger Ryandi Kevin Wau Harleyson Almeida

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CJ Nelson - Neo Classic Cruising

Heres a few laps on the new CJ Nelson Designs, Thunderbolt Technology "Neo Classic". In the clip I'm riding both the 9'5 and the 10' more towards the end. want to give a big shout to Ryan Engle for making some of the best boards on earth, Yu Sumitomo for introducing me to his life changing technology and my amigo Steve Cleveland for always being there to capture it. Thanks also to Dimitry and the dudes at Further for the edit. Head to cjnelsondesigns.com for more info on my boards and thanks for watching.
Music - Abraka

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Tosh Tudor

Tosh Tudor at Cardiff Reef, Malibu, Lowers, and Newport Beach, Spring, Summer and Fall 2019.
I met Tosh when he was 5 years old and he was a very shy boy back then. I saw Tosh’s break through over the last year. Something changed in him after his first trip to the North Shore. Now, Noseriding and Tuberinding are his things. (Tatsuo Takei)

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Dave Rastovich surf INDIA in CASTLES IN THE SKY (The Momentum Files)

This was a pretty special moment. After a week of scouring the coasts of India for a decent wave, we loaded onto a local ferry and headed to an island we'd spotted on Google Earth. It was quite a mission, but the wave looked good (from space), breaking through the jetty and reeling on both sides. Dave was sick when we arrived (typical for India travel) and curled up sweating in his boardbag. But when the light and swell came together, he rallied himself, got focused and paddled out for this amazing session.
Castles in the Sky was all about travel and discover, the beauty of hardship and pushing beyond your comfort zone...and this section was the sum of all those parts. What a pleasure watching Rasta's flow and connection with this wave.

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Rob Machado in CASTLES IN THE SKY (The Momentum Files)

Rob Machado & Pete Mendia in Peru. Took the train to Macchu Picu. Wove baskets in the floating village of Titicaca. And even surfed the ancient Peruvian reed matt.

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November 14 2019 Coffs Coast Tia (ODonnell surfboards), Mitch and Sam (Phil Myers freeflight) logging through a session at their local break. Music by Hooverphonics "mad about you"live Camera Panasonic Lumix fz2500 full hd 60 fps on the closer shots, Nikon p900 on the longer using the same frame rate.

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November 2019
Contrasting nose-riding styles and conditions
Coffs Coast
Brett Caller, Dan McEvoy, Ray Gleave/Sam Burke/Benny Donnelly and Tegan.
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 60 fps

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Kai Sallas

Hawaiian pro longboard surfer, Kai Sallas, shreds on Oahu's North Shore with his first Kai Sallas Longboard Company 9'1" x 23" x 2 5/8" by Thunderbolt Technologies. Shaped and designed by Tommy Maus. Coming soon to participating surf shops! Music by: Tighten Up · Booker T. & The M.G.'s · The Mar-Keys

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Dan and Bret Log the Coffs Coast

Dan McEvoy on the Mctavish single fin, Brett Caller on the Nettleton Multiply single fin, log/longboard the Coffs Coast in small but fun 1-2 foot swells.
Music credit Matthew Giblin who has a music channel

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Nelson Ahina

A combo of progressive and single fin longboard surfing by Hawaiian pro surfer Nelson Ahina 3. Riding his Nelson Model shaped by Mitsu Design in Hawaii. Music by King Curtis, Funkdoobiest, Scientist and The Roots Radics

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Tamzen Bienefelt
Longboarding the Coffs Coast
Sat 26 Sun 27 October 2019
Music by The Vyrll Society "Deep blue skies" - live
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 60 fps

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Waxhead - Driven - ep. 11

Growing up on the NSW coast, Matt has forged an enviable lifestyle around catching waves and cruising in his 1971 Volkswagen Kombi. Mornings you’ll find him at Sydneys’ best breaks on a longboard, daytimes are spent restoring classic period-vehicles with his Dad at their panel shop, and by night he’s chilling in his ultimate 50s inspired surf-meets-ride garage retreat.

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Queens, Waikiki Beach Hawaii | 13 Oct 2019 | Surfing

A quick surf observation of some Fall 2019 surfing at Queens surf break in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Featuring surfers Kaniela Stewart, John Michael Van Hohenstein, Kai Sallas, Haley Otto, Kelis Kaleopaa, TooTs and more!

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Logging in small surf with Sam and Dan - Coffs Coast

Sunday 20 October 2019
Coffs Coast
Sam Burke and Dan McEvoy in 1 foot surf on their single fins.
Music by Crepes "dark demons"
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 60 fps

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Steve Sawyer at home in South Africa

The 2018 WSL World Longboard Champ working some sectiony little lefts. Vid by boogie slide ‘n jive

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Drew McPherson & Nathan Henshaw A State of Play

A State of Play follows surfer Drew McPherson and photographer Nathan Henshaw from their home town on the east coast of Australia to the remote desert coast in search of waves. This film explores the idea of staying in a state of play, retaining a childlike curiosity and stoke that youth brings. It showcases the stunning water cinematography of Nathan Henshaw and captures the relationship between a surfer and a water cinematographer making a short surf film. This film is a unique exhibit of light, oceanic elements and celebrates what many surfers spend their whole life chasing.
Directed by: Robert Sherwood Produced by: needessentials Cinematography: Nathan Henshaw & Robert Sherwood Music: Mick Turner - Moth 3 Music: Nick Bampton - A State of Play, Wonder Surfing: Drew McPherson, Phoenix Wilson, Taj Curran & Nathan Henshaw

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Master and the Apprentice - Ray Gleave and drop knee cutbacks

Ray Gleave helps Dan McEvoy refine his drop knee cut backs whilst surfing the mid north coast NSW.

Ray is riding a 12foot Mctavish Glider, Dan is on a 9'5" McTavish Pinnacle.
Camera Panaonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 50 fps
Music from jamendo.com Artist NCTRNM "Havasu" creative commons licence.

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Blue Eyed Flyer - Tia Deighton

"The song 'blue eyed flyer" was written by Rod Deighton, lead vocalist/guitarist of The Black Tooth Grin, as a tribute to his wife Tia. This edit was put together using clips of Tia over the past 6 months mixed with live performances of the song by Rod and his band.
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500"

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Zone Frequency

Frequencies are energy - and energy is what we are all made out of – that is why we are connected to every living thing and to eachother. Shot over a 3 year period ZONE FREQUENCY is Jack Coleman’s fully independently funded feature length movie follow up to 2016’s THE ZONE surf movie.


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Meet the Surfboards That Make Craig Anderson "Craig Anderson"

"Craig Anderson looks good on literally any surfcraft. Stick a 5’9″ shred sled under his feat and he’ll do a knock-knee bottom turn to tweaked out air. Give the lad a lengthier single fin and he’ll soul arch through a tube like a cosmic 1970s surf spiritualist. Somehow nothing looks corny or contrived in either case, and who else can you say that about?
In the latest episode of “Quivers”, the series in which we get a look under the hood of our favorite surfers’ boardbags, videographer Dave Fox talks to Ando about his eclectic arsenal of wave-riding weaponry and digs through some of our favorite clips of him riding these craft through the years."

It´s not only about waves

“It´s not only about waves” es un viaje de @evadiez y @kepaacero en el corazón de la jungla africana en busca de olas épicas y humanidad.
Como surfistas nos encanta viajar. Estamos acostumbrados a ir a lugares exóticos en un intento de surfear buenas olas y llevarnos esa experiencia a casa.
La intención en este caso no era solo llevarnos algo. Hicimos una campaña en las redes sociales para que donaseis tablas de surf, las recolectamos y las enviamos a este rincón de África, para así, no solo llevarnos algo, sino también dejarles algo de lo que tanto nos aporta.
“It´s not only about waves” es un proyecto de intercambio cultural y una experiencia humana fascinante.

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"(...) The film tells the story of the modern performance twin through the lens of Australian icon Mark Richards, who found inspiration in the boards of Reno Abellira, shaping tutelage in Dick Brewer and created a design all his own that he surfed to four straight world titles.
To this day, Richard's feat of making his own boards and surfing them to such success stands apart as one of the greatest achievements of all time surfing. But what's perhaps more impressive is the way that twin-fin designs have evolved in the aftermath, disappearing for years before reemerging in modern surf culture as the go-to craft for those looking to balance performance surfing with high-speed, skatey fun.
"Fast & Loose" celebrates that unique flavor not just through the story of MR, but through modern rippers like Zeke Lau and Kael Walsh, who took the classic twins and updated versions for a spin. It was a fun film to make, as it damn well should be when the subject is twin fins. Hopefully the feeling is contagious."

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Harley Ingleby Takes An Obscure Piece Of Surf History For A Spin

"The Shortboard Revolution was a helluva thing. The pace of the most-explosive period in surfboard design was break-neck, full of blink-and-you'll-miss-it concepts that may have worked just fine, but for one reason or another never really caught on. Case in point: a certain Bob Simmons-inspired twin-fin noserider acquired by Mark Ingleby, father of Australian longboarding ace and two-time world champ Harley Ingleby.
The senior Ingleby started collecting obscure surfboards back in the '80s—he's dedicated his entire house to the pursuit, in fact—which allowed his son Harley to have no shortage of unique and overlooked craft, like the magic twin, to put to the test and spark his imagination.
In the video above, Harley discusses what it was like to grow up with the ultimate board collection hanging over his head, before getting the backstory of the twin's design from local shaping icon Bill Tolhurst and taking it for a spin."

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WSL World Longboard Tour Surfers at the Surf Ranch

World Longboard Tour surfers Justin Quintal, Harrison Roach, Honolua Blomfield and Rachael Tilly recently had the opportunity to draw some classic lines at the Surf Ranch.
All four can be seen surfing in the Longboard Classic New York, which runs Sept 6-12. Catch all the action on WorldSurfLeague.com and the free WSL App.

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Gato Herói in NZ

Myles Doughman, Harry Reid and Andy Findlay enjoying a long session on a pretty chilly day (it snowed nearby that same night) on the South Island of New Zealand. Harry was riding his CRÈME Playdate, Myles was on Gato Herói Chop Op, Andy was surfing the Smooth Operator model and all the guys were wearing Gato Herói 3/2 fullsuits. The clip was filmed and edited by Jessamyn Jean and set to 'Bad Soy' by NZ locals New Gum Sarn (courtesy of Spunk records).

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Nic Von Rupp - Desert Point Drone Footage

Colin Whitbread

Torren Martyn - Norduland - An arctic surfing adventure

Noudurland is a film about going surfing in the harsh, cold waters of the North Atlantic. It follows three friends from the subtropical northern rivers of NSW Australia, surfers Torren Martyn and Laurie Towner, as well as needessentials founder and designer Ryan Scanlon. They travel to isolated, snow covered coastlines in search of remote waves and Filmmaker Ishka Folkwell, beautifully captures these vast and stunning landscapes on screen. With an original soundtrack composed for the film by Headland, glaciers, mountains and powerful icy surf all come to life in this adventure to the far north. Torren Martyn's narration throughout the film offers a personal reflection on the trip and a real glimpse into the challenges and rewards of traveling to frozen, distant lands in search of surf.

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Torren Martyn - TESORO ENTERRADO - Full Film

Torren Martyn - TESORO ENTERRADO - Full Film from needESSENTIALS on Vimeo.

Surfer: Torren Martyn
Film Maker: Perry Gershkow
Surf Boards: Simon Jones: Morning of the earth
Produced by: needessentials
Gibson Kente - Saduva
Thrupence - How to be invisible
Midlife - How long does it take
Sandy's Band - I and I
Torren Martyn describes how this film came about.
"The little mission down south to warm water came around as a bit of a surprise to me too, I’d originally planned to just spend a week or two with my girlfriend Aiyana in California and pictured surfing knee to waist high Malibu at best.
One idea led to another as most good times do and before we really knew it Aiyana and I were rolling south of where we were currently camped out driving in awe through these beautiful snow capped mountains in the Eastern Sierras on a pretty straight mission south to a serious contrast of scenes, we were pretty excited!
A good mate Perry Gershkow was able to juggle a few commitments around up in his neck of the woods of SF and before we really had too much time to think we kind of just woke up the next day deep in central America, it was a classic little scenario.
I was travelling with two boards, a 7’2 and a 6’10. It’s so rare that I break a board, maybe one or two a year? anyhow I managed to break them both in the first couple of days.I guess I was rattled and disheartened when the first broke and then when the second went, I was kind of just baffled like haha really? luckily the local guys there have probably stitched together more boards than anyone anywhere else in the world so it was a pretty efficient little turn around, I was so grateful for that. Thankfully my mate Luke lent me his little 5’7 and a 4’11 for a little wiggle in between.
The waves we had down there were absolutely incredible, sort of mind boggling at times. It’s humbling the energy in the ocean and the way the sand and currents dictated where and what waves we surfed. They were there one day and gone the next. I think that was the beauty of it too, we didn’t really have any expectations or too much of a plan, things just fell in to place and I wouldn’t change a thing.
For me it was one of those spontaneous experiences made up of the combination of good people, the land, weather and a little luck on our side that are a friendly little reminder of just how lucky we all are to have this to share.

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Matinais Longboard

This video shows the early morning Longboard surfing ritual of Porto Locals. 
Classic boards and cars mixed with the sunrise light. 
The surfer Philippe De Goyri is the mastermind behind Yellowood Brand and local from Matosinhos - Portugal.
Camera shots and music all made by fellow surfer friends from same city.

Longboard: Yellowood Tronco 9´10

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El Patron

Ah, MexiLogFest - a single fin longboard contest south of the border, where dogs roam the beaches free of the confinement of leashes, as do the surfers. The event itself is much more than a competition: its a week-long celebration of the Mexican logging lifestyle in proper fiesta fashion. The camaraderie is unlike that of anywhere else, bringing together some of the most radical people from around the globe. And if you are lucky enough to go, you know that none of this is possible without the man behind it all, the head honcho, El Patrón: Israel Preciado.

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Devon Howard : NobodySurf Originals

Devon Howard at Malibu, Rincon, and Lowers, 2018 ~ 2019.
Longboard and the Midlength Master. Devon knows how to put it all together nicely in the water. “Calm and Corrected,” that’s the words I think of for Devon. We’ve been friends for 20 years and have really good time each session - whether we scored good waves or not. (Tatsuo Takei)

- Surfboards - 
"The Keeper 9'9" by Thomas Surfboards
"The Keeper 9'10" by Thomas Surfboards
"Russ Short Bonzer 3-Fin Round-Pin 7'2" by Campbell Brothers Surfboards
"Howard Special Mini 7'1" by Donald Takayama
"Huevo Ranchero 6'10" by FCD Surfboards

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Australia 2019

A Californian samples Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, 2019 - supported by Dark Seas 
Film: Josh Varela. Art & edit: River Covey. Music: The Mysteries. “I Don’t Know a Woman 666”

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Intermission Noseriding

"Intermission" - 5 minutes of Jai doing what he does. Surf footage by Johnny Big Daddy, time-lapse shots by Jai. Music by Esben and the Witch