segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2019


Taitao expedition was a dream that came true after 5 years of hard effort and work from Benjamin, Manuel, Andres and collaborators. Sailing through Patagonia’s fiords and Pacific Coastlines on the search of waves never surfed before. Exploring remote, virgin, inhospitable and extreme locations. On this expedition uncertainty is always present. There was a big chance of arriving to the place and finding no waves or a big storm that would make it impossible to sail any further, but if you don’t risk it you will never know. This is a documentary that shows how a group of friends and unknowns join together on a journey to revive the true spirit of surf adventure into the unknown.

quinta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2019

Case Study 01 Marc Andreini

Case Study 01 Marc Andreini from Daydream on Vimeo.

"This series is known as our Case Study Series where we take a deeper dive into the knowledge holders of the Daydream Research Center. The first shaper we felt would be important to talk with is Marc Andreini. Andreini is one of the great board building mentors of our time, he has been shaping for over 40 years and brings with him a wealth of information that he humbly shares with up and coming surfers and shapers as well as established ones.
We met up with Andreini for a surf up by his house a little south of San Francisco then went back to his pad to check out his shaping bay, archive of boards & fins, as well as his day to day lifestyle. We all hung out and talked as Andreini shared stories that revolved around two very important subjects to the Daydream Research Center: surf history and board design."