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CJ Nelson - Neo Classic Cruising

Heres a few laps on the new CJ Nelson Designs, Thunderbolt Technology "Neo Classic". In the clip I'm riding both the 9'5 and the 10' more towards the end. want to give a big shout to Ryan Engle for making some of the best boards on earth, Yu Sumitomo for introducing me to his life changing technology and my amigo Steve Cleveland for always being there to capture it. Thanks also to Dimitry and the dudes at Further for the edit. Head to for more info on my boards and thanks for watching.
Music - Abraka

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Tosh Tudor

Tosh Tudor at Cardiff Reef, Malibu, Lowers, and Newport Beach, Spring, Summer and Fall 2019.
I met Tosh when he was 5 years old and he was a very shy boy back then. I saw Tosh’s break through over the last year. Something changed in him after his first trip to the North Shore. Now, Noseriding and Tuberinding are his things. (Tatsuo Takei)

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Dave Rastovich surf INDIA in CASTLES IN THE SKY (The Momentum Files)

This was a pretty special moment. After a week of scouring the coasts of India for a decent wave, we loaded onto a local ferry and headed to an island we'd spotted on Google Earth. It was quite a mission, but the wave looked good (from space), breaking through the jetty and reeling on both sides. Dave was sick when we arrived (typical for India travel) and curled up sweating in his boardbag. But when the light and swell came together, he rallied himself, got focused and paddled out for this amazing session.
Castles in the Sky was all about travel and discover, the beauty of hardship and pushing beyond your comfort zone...and this section was the sum of all those parts. What a pleasure watching Rasta's flow and connection with this wave.

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Rob Machado in CASTLES IN THE SKY (The Momentum Files)

Rob Machado & Pete Mendia in Peru. Took the train to Macchu Picu. Wove baskets in the floating village of Titicaca. And even surfed the ancient Peruvian reed matt.

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November 14 2019 Coffs Coast Tia (ODonnell surfboards), Mitch and Sam (Phil Myers freeflight) logging through a session at their local break. Music by Hooverphonics "mad about you"live Camera Panasonic Lumix fz2500 full hd 60 fps on the closer shots, Nikon p900 on the longer using the same frame rate.

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November 2019
Contrasting nose-riding styles and conditions
Coffs Coast
Brett Caller, Dan McEvoy, Ray Gleave/Sam Burke/Benny Donnelly and Tegan.
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 60 fps

segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2019

Kai Sallas

Hawaiian pro longboard surfer, Kai Sallas, shreds on Oahu's North Shore with his first Kai Sallas Longboard Company 9'1" x 23" x 2 5/8" by Thunderbolt Technologies. Shaped and designed by Tommy Maus. Coming soon to participating surf shops! Music by: Tighten Up · Booker T. & The M.G.'s · The Mar-Keys

quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2019

Dan and Bret Log the Coffs Coast

Dan McEvoy on the Mctavish single fin, Brett Caller on the Nettleton Multiply single fin, log/longboard the Coffs Coast in small but fun 1-2 foot swells.
Music credit Matthew Giblin who has a music channel

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Nelson Ahina

A combo of progressive and single fin longboard surfing by Hawaiian pro surfer Nelson Ahina 3. Riding his Nelson Model shaped by Mitsu Design in Hawaii. Music by King Curtis, Funkdoobiest, Scientist and The Roots Radics

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Tamzen Bienefelt
Longboarding the Coffs Coast
Sat 26 Sun 27 October 2019
Music by The Vyrll Society "Deep blue skies" - live
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 60 fps

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Waxhead - Driven - ep. 11

Growing up on the NSW coast, Matt has forged an enviable lifestyle around catching waves and cruising in his 1971 Volkswagen Kombi. Mornings you’ll find him at Sydneys’ best breaks on a longboard, daytimes are spent restoring classic period-vehicles with his Dad at their panel shop, and by night he’s chilling in his ultimate 50s inspired surf-meets-ride garage retreat.

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Queens, Waikiki Beach Hawaii | 13 Oct 2019 | Surfing

A quick surf observation of some Fall 2019 surfing at Queens surf break in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Featuring surfers Kaniela Stewart, John Michael Van Hohenstein, Kai Sallas, Haley Otto, Kelis Kaleopaa, TooTs and more!

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Logging in small surf with Sam and Dan - Coffs Coast

Sunday 20 October 2019
Coffs Coast
Sam Burke and Dan McEvoy in 1 foot surf on their single fins.
Music by Crepes "dark demons"
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd 60 fps

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