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Ronaldo Matos faz capa do Açoriano Oriental

Ronaldo Matos faz capa da edição de 8/12/2018 do mais antigo Jornal Português e o 2º mais antigo da Europa - Açoriano Oriental

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Bill Stewart - the true father of the modern longboard

Photo : Bill Stewart via Stewart Surboards

Bill Stewart, better known as “Kentucky’s Greatest Surfer”, was born in Bowling Green KY in 1951
In 1978, Bill started his own label “Stewart Surfboards” and opened the first shop in Laguna Beach. By himself, Bill hand painted, hand shaped, took orders, and sold airbrushed T-shirts & hats in his tiny Laguna Beach shop. Marrying his lovely bride Christy, and becoming the father of a son and daughter were events that sparked a new found determination and work ethic in his business and the craft of board building. As his notoriety in the surfing world grew, he put together a surf team that at the time included names like Mike Parsons, Pat Allen, Shane & Gavin Beschen.
It was in the mid 80’s when Bill’s inventive mind, came up with the idea that would be the one of the greatest achievements of his distinct surfboard designs. He was after a longboard that would go faster and turn harder than what current longboard designs were capable of. The result of that search was the beveled rail Hydro Hull that had a distinctive single to double concave bottom and a 2+1 fin setup. To this day, the Hydro hull is still a proven design standard for the modern longboard.
With the success of the Hydro Hull, Stewart Surfboards grew exponentially and Bill opened a larger shop in his favorite surf town of San Clemente. The shop has been at that same location for 28 + years. It’s just a short drive up the coast from San Onofre and Trestles.
“We are the Kings of Customs” Bill likes to say, and “Everyday we prove that by building the Best”. Bill has himself shaped over 40,000 boards in his career, and Stewart Surfboards has produced over 100,000 boards since the start of the company.
Bill Stewart – An Artist, Shaper, Inventor and Surfer with no stopping in sight.

Short Stories

A surf film about resurrecting the old school mentality that the surfers before us embodied.
A little bit of this a little bit of that. A Surf FLick by Wiley Archbold. Thank you to San Onofre Surf Co. For making all this possible
Featuring Barret miller, Andy Nieblas, Noah Cardoza, Nick Melanson, Justin Adams, Brock Thompson, Hallie Rohr, C.j. Nelson, Kyle Perez, Tommy Witt, Makala Smith, Mike Lay, River Covey, Brendan Sepe, Karina Rozunko, Joe Davies, Max Caldwell, Daniel Graham, Shane Macpherson, Carlos Rochas, Carson Frank, Ben Cardoza.