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How does skimboarder Blair Conklin "surf" a wave so well, starring "A Wedge Affair"

Blair Conklin is a gentleman you’ll surely be getting to know better in the coming years. Hailing from Laguna Beach, California, Blair’s regarded as the best skimboarder in the world, but that’s not what piqued our interest in the Berkeley grad.
Back in 2018, in the lead up to Stab High, Blair posted a clip on Instagram. In it, he was soaring in Waco on a sub-five-foot foamie; it was impressive. For our inaugural Texan surf party/competition (Stab High), the Laguna Beach and Skim community rallied behind Blair’s golden locks, giving him the public-voted wildcard into the event. And when the rest of the surfers at Stab High showed up with bags bearing anywhere from three to five surfboard, Blair rocked up to the BSR Surf Resort with a tiny case carrying a miniature slice of foam. He then proceeded to blow up and further stamp a space for himself in the world of surf.

Noosa Heads, Australia Surfing | Bowie Pollard

Location -
Tea Tree Bay, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Australia

- Surfer -
Bowie Pollard (@bowiepollards)

- Music -
- Film/Edit -
Jake Bendle (@exhaleandbreathe)

"Free Form" by Alex Lustig

- Year -

- Run Time -

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Clip of the year 2019

OVERALL (out of 9000+ videos)

YOUTH / TEENS (out of 800+ videos)
#1 📼Oscar Langburne | Dancing Barefoot
#4 📼Mentawaii-HT'S stop
#2 📼2 Shores
#3 📼Brodi Sale Lakey Peak 2019
WOMEN/GIRLS (out of 400+ videos)
#5 📼Neil Messmer | Classic Daydream

#2 📼The Dew of Little Things
#1 📼Colapintail x CJ Nelson Designs 2019
#5 📼Haley Otto | Queens, Waikiki

LONGBOARD(out of 1700+ videos)
#5 📼 Mucho Gusto / Augusto Olinto / La Saladita
#2 📼Joel Tudor in North County
#3 📼Land of the Rising Sun
#4 📼Authentic Wave : 16mm short film (2000~2012)

SHORTBOARD (out of 6900+ videos)
#3 📼heaven above hossegor
#3 📼Alex Knost {South Swell / California}
#4 📼Mack South (mho)
ALTERNATIVE(out of 1400+ videos)
#2 📼Torren Martyn - TESORO ENTERRADO - Full Film
#4 📼"Camel Finds Water"
#5 📼AP.

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Surf : The youth Knowsride

Cross Steppin’, Noserides, 360° Helico….. Malo’s having a blast at his home spot.
Surfer : Malo on his GONG Surf 9'0 Moodrive EPS & 9'6 Pampa EPS.

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Respect The Locals is a series that takes you to some of the world’s best waves and introduces you to the real locals — the ones who were there long before we ever picked up surfboards. Because if we truly want to enjoy these places, we are responsible for protecting the beings that inhabit them.
The Bay of Biscay is a gulf in the Atlantic Ocean that hugs the northern coast of Spain and the Western Coast of France. It’s home to many different creatures, cultures and world-class waves like Mundaka and Hossegor. One thing that makes the bay unique is the Gouf de Capbreton, a deepwater canyon off the coast of Southwest France. The Gouf brings a variety of marine life close to shore and helps funnel swell into Hossegor, where the Quiksilver Pro France is held every year.
With more episodes coming soon, the first edition of Respect The Locals tells the story of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Once common in the Bay of Biscay, it has become an endangered species and the estimated population of 300 now mostly inhabits the Western side of the Atlantic. There are many human-based issues — both historical and present — that threaten North American Right Whales. The good news is there are many things we can do to help.

Coffs Coast Longboarding with Tia - Tamzen - Dan

Tia Deighton, Tamzen Bienefelt and Dan McEvoy riding their single fins. (9'5" O'Donnell, 9'0" O'Donnell and 9'4"Mctavish Pinnacle)
Music Richard Clapton "Capricorn Dancer"
Camera Nikon P900 and lumix fz2500 both 60fps full hd

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Left Lovers

Another vision of the North Shore. Same waves. Different boards, different style.
A morning well spent with Tosh Tudor and Troy Elmore.

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Longboarding with Tamzen/Sam/Dan and Jay

Decent waves have been hard to find lately so we took off early for Crescent Head, Tamzen and Dan only managed a few before an early onshore kicked in and spoit it, so we rushed back to the Coffs Coast where the wind was still side shore and linked up with Sam, Jay and Eamon for some fun logging waves. The song by Petula Clark was released in 1965, a time where true logging was experiencing rapid development moving from "D" fins to the "Greenough". Its fun searching for the perfect wave but so often you end up back at your local!
Music by Petula Clark "I know a place"
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ2500 full hd at 60 fps

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Torren Martyn drifting through Indonesia visiting the places that have inspired him over the years Music Mick Turner - Marlan I Kikagaku Moyo - Dripping Sun Jake Harris - Martyn's Place Colbey - Eyes On The Ceiling Heitor Vallim - Lost Beach Footage Ishka Folkwell Alessio Saraifoger Ryandi Kevin Wau Harleyson Almeida

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CJ Nelson - Neo Classic Cruising

Heres a few laps on the new CJ Nelson Designs, Thunderbolt Technology "Neo Classic". In the clip I'm riding both the 9'5 and the 10' more towards the end. want to give a big shout to Ryan Engle for making some of the best boards on earth, Yu Sumitomo for introducing me to his life changing technology and my amigo Steve Cleveland for always being there to capture it. Thanks also to Dimitry and the dudes at Further for the edit. Head to cjnelsondesigns.com for more info on my boards and thanks for watching.
Music - Abraka