sexta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2017


Limoncello is a short surf film featuring Nathan Adams riding his 9'9 Lumberjack by Almond Surfboards. The Lumberjack is our classic beach-break noserider, and few people show the potential of traditionally-influenced surf craft better than Nate.
Creative collaboration between Nathan Adams and Tom Green.
Camera/Edit: Thomas H. Green

quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2017

Fins and Strings - Episode 2 - youtube killed the radio star

"The surf videos and DVD's we watched over and over became the soundtrack to our lives. For Mr B this project is all about reconnecting with the music as we used to. The story and the song continues...
Tickets to the Princess Pavilion performance on Friday the 27th October:

Produced by Mr B Productions -
Film and Edit - Mr B
Additional Footage - Nikki Kershaw, Ben Howard, Sharpy, Chris Levi, Jason Yeoman, Sam Buckle
Starring - Alan Stokes, Wille Edwards, Andrew Naumann, Mr B (and Sam Ratcliffe on longboard)
Music - 'Still Go Marching In' by Wille and the Bandits & 'Intro Music' by Wille Edwards
Music and video clips from many great surf videos"