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Hand Made

A portrait of Mark Rabbidge, a professional longboard surfer through the 80s who shaped many surfboards for champion surfers in the 80s/90s including his wife the 1990 world champ Pam Burridge Mark lives on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. He has always been connected to the ocean, and is constantly on the pursuit for uncrowded waves. His other passion is cars, and he builds them to suit his unique personality. Whether shaping a surfboard or building a car, the common thread is that they are always one of a kind.

HAND MADE from jonathan may on Vimeo.

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Longboarding Icon Belinda Baggs Might Be the Perfect Surf Mom

" Belinda Baggs is standing on the beach holding her son Rayson by the stretchy rubber of his wetsuit collar. He was struggling to slide into his suit, so mom’s using a little trick called gravity to get the job done. He bobs midair like a rock suspended in a sling shot before finally sinking into the suit. And in that moment, he’s superman – running down the beach like a madman with a cloud of sand at his heels as Ms. Belinda Baggs, an Australian beacon of logging elegance, trails a few paces behind. His energy is unmatched. But Bindy, as her friends call her, manages.
I will never forget the first image I saw of Belinda Baggs. It was a Surfer’s Journal cover shot by Dane Peterson – a little out of focus, speed-blurrish in all the right ways with Belinda perched elegantly on the nose of her board. Knees together, hips tilted at a forty five degrees to the horizon, and arms splayed just-so – the photo captures the trim and balance of a nose ride like nothing I’d ever seen. While at the Byron Surf Festival, we spent a few days with Belinda Baggs, a Newcastle native who once placed 3rd in the World Longboard Championships and has starred in many of Thomas Campbell’s films. In that time it became apparent that she navigates life as a mother and iconic-longboarder-turned-actual-Patagonia-employee (with a desk and everything) with similar aplomb.
“It’s such a great experience to be able to share the experience with a child,” says Baggs. “Being a surfing mom is really amazing. Sometimes tough. I guess it’s almost like an internal battle of like ‘Do I be really selfish and surf myself or do I take him surfing and let it go? Obviously, most of the time I choose to let it go and surf with him. And it brings a lot of calm and makes you go back to your roots of surfing, and remember when I learned and what it was all about, which was just having fun, being family, and enjoying the ocean.”
While Belinda Baggs says she doesn’t necessarily view herself as a leader in women’s surfing, it’s precisely her demure demeanor and palpable passion for being in the ocean – she’s also developed a nasty bodysurfing habit – that makes it so. Intentionally or not, as she balances Rayson (literally) on her back while juggling a 9’ 0” single-fin and a career that enables her to do the things she loves, she leads by example.
“I don’t really see surfing as gender specific,” says Baggs. “When I’m in the lineup, I just feel like I’m a surfer. I don’t want special hand outs because I’m a girl, and I don't expect to have waves taken off me because I’m a girl. I really don’t see myself different than any other mom or any other person that’s out there surfing or parenting. Once you cross that shore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a see ear or whether your wealthy or whether you’re a mom, or how much money you make, or whether you’re a man or a woman, the ocean evens us all out." "
Longboarding Icon Belinda Baggs Might Be the Perfect Surf Mom from The Inertia on Vimeo.

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SeaDogs - The Wolfhouse Family True Story

"A short preview of the documentary film "Sea Dogs. The Wolfhouse Family True Story" produced by The Blue Lighthouse Production and Argonet. The film will be presented and aired on april 21th 2017. Sea Dogs is a project to help non-profit organizations as #surf4children involved to approach children with special needs to the sea and surf. Special thanks to everyone who has supported us and contributed to the realization of this project."

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Açorianidade - Cryptomeria Japonica Bonsai

Foto 1 - Bonsai de Criptoméria Japónica

A "nossa" Criptoméria está em voga, já está certificada, é vendida para o continente, EUA, e para outros países. Pessoalmente já trabalho, como "hobby", com a Criptoméria há muitos anos. Todas as minhas colmeias são feitas desta madeira, por ser leve e por se adaptar muito bem ao nosso clima, existem inclusive,  muitos apicultores do continente que preferem as colmeias feitas de criptoméria em vez das tradicionais colmeias de pinho, pois a redução de peso é bastante evidente, trazendo por si só, claras vantagens.
Mais recentemente fiz uma prancha de surf de criptoméria e fiquei bastante satisfeito com o peso final, pois as pranchas de surf ocas de madeira (Hollow wood surfboards) são significativamente mais pesadas que as tradicionais pranchas de surf de espuma de poliuretano. Nos Açores e no Continente existem já vários "shapers" (construtores de pranchas de surf) que usam a criptoméria como matéria prima, pelas suas óptimas características. 
Uma vertente que ainda não está explorada nos Açores com a "nossa "cryptoméria" são os Bonsais. Com a explosão das Low Cost  e com as centenas de turistas que nos visitam, um Bonsai de Cryptoméria, poderia ser um bom "recuerdo" para alguns turistas levarem dos Açores. Quem sabe num futuro próximo, os Bonsai de Criptoméria não sejam uma boa oportunidade de negócio!

Foto 2 - Bonsai de Criptoméria Japónica

Marca Açores - Cryptoméria

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O Açoriano Pedro Correia com excelente prestação no Havai

O nosso conterrâneo, natural da ilha de São Miguel, Pedro Correia, teve um prestação notável na participação de uma etapa do campeonato do mundo de Bodyboard, que se realizou entre os dias 25 de Fevereiro e 6 de Março, no Havai. Na primeira ronda apanhou de "caras" com o hexacampeão mundial da modalidade, o brasileiro Guilherme Tâmega, e passou em segundo lugar, já nos quartos de final voltou a apanhar dois campeões mundiais Ben Player e novamente Guilherme Tâmega, e o campeão mundial da vertente DropKnee, o consagrado havaiano Dave Hubbard, mesmo assim o Pedrim não deixou os seus créditos por mãos alheias e conseguiu ficar à frente do havaiano, deixando uma marca de grande classe entre as potências mundiais do desporto.
Pedro "Pedrim" Correia

Quartos de final

Nature is always right. Mistakes are made by people

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Açorianidade - A boina do Corvo

Gonçalo Tocha foi o responsável  por colocar a boina da ilha do Corvo nas capas de jornais e nos media em geral, o realizador de É na Terra não é na Lua, usou a boina do Corvo e esta ficou-lhe como imagem de marca.
Gonçalo Tocha com a boina da Ilha do Corvo
Mais recentemente a jovem atriz Alice Albergaria Borges, desfilou no tapete vermelho do Festival de Cinema de Berlim com saia de folclore micaelense e gorro corvino, segundo notícia do Correio dos Açores (aqui)

Vitorino Nemésio se fosse vivo iria certamente gostar destas manifestações de AÇORIANIDADE.

Mais informações sobre a boina da ilha do Corvo (aqui)