sexta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2017


Limoncello is a short surf film featuring Nathan Adams riding his 9'9 Lumberjack by Almond Surfboards. The Lumberjack is our classic beach-break noserider, and few people show the potential of traditionally-influenced surf craft better than Nate.
Creative collaboration between Nathan Adams and Tom Green.
Camera/Edit: Thomas H. Green

quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2017

Fins and Strings - Episode 2 - youtube killed the radio star

"The surf videos and DVD's we watched over and over became the soundtrack to our lives. For Mr B this project is all about reconnecting with the music as we used to. The story and the song continues...
Tickets to the Princess Pavilion performance on Friday the 27th October:

Produced by Mr B Productions -
Film and Edit - Mr B
Additional Footage - Nikki Kershaw, Ben Howard, Sharpy, Chris Levi, Jason Yeoman, Sam Buckle
Starring - Alan Stokes, Wille Edwards, Andrew Naumann, Mr B (and Sam Ratcliffe on longboard)
Music - 'Still Go Marching In' by Wille and the Bandits & 'Intro Music' by Wille Edwards
Music and video clips from many great surf videos"

quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

Waxhead Diaries 1966 Keyo

"Filmed at Crescent Head during the 2017 National Old Mal Titles.
1st place 1963-1967 division.

Shaped and designed in my local area by Bob Mctavish under the Keyo label. Sanded by Bryan Hughes, glassed by John Mantle in 1966. A very special surfboard shaped at the tail end of the traditional longboard era.
By 1965, the classic Californian style of surfing including nose rides, soul arches, drop knee turns were being mixed with tighter, more involved positioning of manoeuvres in and around the pocket of the wave. Footwork and finesse was slowly giving way to critical manoeuvres with power and speed becoming the emphasis. This short period was labelled 'The involvement era'.
In the months following this specific surfboards production, a handful of shapers based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney began cutting down the length and widening the tail of their models... this gave way to the Plastic Machine design by McTavish and these shorter boards with radical Vee Bottoms were to change surfing forever"
Footage: Gary Mcevoy

sábado, 23 de setembro de 2017

"Esse sonho"

Renata Porcaro, que se divide entre a rotina de mãe, oceanógrafa e surfista. 

Filmado nas praias de Ubatuba, por Cleiton Nunes e Bruno Sene.
Editado por Bruno Sene (pai do Ben).

sexta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2017

Rodrigo Herédia segundo o barómetro da semana do Correio dos Açores de hoje

Clique na imagem para ampliar e ler

"Rodrigo Herédia já não quer deixar a prova sair da ponta oeste do Areal de Santa Bárbara"

"Rodrigo Herédia já não quer deixar a prova sair da ponta oeste do Areal de Santa Bárbara" pois claro!!!! A legenda devia ser : " Rodrigo Herédia não quer deixar sair a prova da frente do seu Resort" . Uma prova que já deu a promoção que tinha que dar e este ano foi um fiasco em termos de público a assistir no local. Já é tempo mais que suficiente, para o governo regional dos Açores acabar com esta dita promoção e investir noutras áreas emergentes, mais estratégicas e importantes para o retorno da economia dos Açores. Notícia publicada no Açoriano Oriental de 13/09/2017.